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If you’re looking to make your boys spend countless hours playing by themselves in your living room, you cannot make a better choice than purchasing prehistoric animals toys. These gorgeous prehistoric mammal toys are not just perfect for kids of all ages who want to play and discover the amazing world of ancient dinosaurs, but also for collectors who want to round up their collection with some exquisite, genuine pieces. All the replicas on this section of our site are hand-painted, highly detailed, and made to the highest specifications set by the industry. You can gain the peace of mind that each and every prehistoric creature available on our site are made to withstand the test of time and to provide your kids with endless playing time. They are also fit for a collector’s own collection and can look brand-new even after decades of being featured in your own library

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Whether you are looking for Schleich prehistoric mammals, Lego prehistoric creatures or Geoworld animals, you can find them all on our site. For example, the Collecta saber tooth tiger is a ferocious beast that can make an astounding impression on kinds of young ages. This prehistoric figure looks so realistic that it can be mistaken with a real tiger. At 6.5″ long, this hand-painted toy inspires & stimulates the imagination of children, enabling them to benefit from hundreds of hours of fun. Of course, these products are all safe to use, so you can continue performing your daily work without having to worry that your children might get hurt.

We feature a wide range of prehistoric animals toys in this section of our site, including the megalodon shark toy, wooly mammoth, or the alligator snapping turtle. The latter is a unique figure that looks ferociously, but it is a mere oversized turtle. Of course, your children will become mesmerized by it and will want to play with it at all times. This turtle can spark the imagination and develop the dexterity of your little ones. Of course, we should also mention the cave bear, a beautiful figurine from Schleich that was developed with the assistance of teachers, parents, and children. This product is in compliance with all safety regulations and is thoroughly tested and meticulously hand painted. It will last very long in time and will provide your children endless hours of fun. Choose your favorite prehistoric animals toys and set up your children with hours of fun and discovery of the dinosaur world

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