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Today, dinosaur video games provide the perfect gift for kids of all ages. They also make the perfect gifts for collectors, and they could even become the perfect means for bored adults to cope with the confinement triggered by certain viruses such as the COVID-19. Truthfully, dinosaur videogames have gone a long way, being continually morphed due to the advancements in technology. Now, they are more interactive and addictive than ever before. In this section on our site, you can find the absolute best dinosaur videogames for ps4, the most intriguing dinosaur video games for xbox one, and the most famous dinosaur video games pc. Thus, whether you own a PC or a game console, you can easily find the best game for your family and you can get ready for countless hours of fun and excitement

 Top survival and hunting Dinosaur Video-Games

So, what kind of dinosaur video games can you find in this section on our site? Let’s start with the dinosaur hunting video games. For example, Dino Stalker is a PlayStation 2 game that is one of the most intense first-person shooting you can ever find today on the market. The storyline, which revolves around the life of WW2 pilot Mike Wire who is forced to land in an island guarded by dinosaurs, is poised to keep you and your kids glued to your PS2 for hours. You can also learn the best survival tactics and hunt for those dinosaurs in games like “Chaos Island”, “Dinotopia”, “Combat of Giant Dinosaurs” or “The Indominus Escape”. There are numerous other amazing video games featuring dinosaurs, but we’ll let you explore them on your own.

PC Free to play Dinosaur videogames

Last but not least, you can find a whole lot of Lego Dinosaur games. A good example is the “Lego Jurassic World”, which makes for a perfect action-packed game for younger kids. Choose from over 20 dinosaur models and relive key moments in the Jurassic World movie. Players can easily customize their own dinosaurs, explore new islands, complete special missions, and choose from a wide range of gaming options. Note that if this is a PC game, so you should ensure that your computer or laptop meets the minimum requirements. If you are looking for the best dinosaur video games for playstation, you can easily find several games that are contenders for that title. Adventures of Darwin, Digging for Dinosaurs, or Konami Kids Playground are definitely games you can try and enjoy together with your family.


Free game with dinosaurs and laser weapons, 3d and online multiplayer. Ride on the back of your velociraptor like a cowboy in the wild west


Become master of the Dino warriors of this roll game, share a thousand adventures. And enjoy this free to play game on your computer and without paying

Back to dinosaur island

Face it face to face with the most terrifying predator you’ve ever walked on Earth, thanks to the virtual reality of CryEngine and the Oculus Rift

Back to dinosaur island

Back to Crytek’s Dinosaur Island, another exciting adventure full of dinosaurs with virtual reality, for which you’ll need the Oculus Rift DK2

In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor

When machines enslave and rule us with an iron hand, it is time to release the speed

Orion Prelude

In Orion Prelude you will have to survive the hordes of prehistoric predators who want to feed on you in huge and spectacular endless scenaries.

Hazard Ops

This free online Shooter has zombies, monsters, robots, dinosaurs, and almost anything that can be aimed at with a weapon. Point and shoot!

Dino Hunter

Hunt or you will be hunted! Dive into an exciting expedition in search of Dino Hunter’s most prized dams: Deadly Shores

Online Free to play dinosaur videogames F2P

 Play Dinosaur Free to Play Games on your computer without spending money. One of the best ways to have fun with dinosaurs without spending money, you can choose an MMO or an RPG.

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