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Warning! You are now entering our wild jungle. A prehistoric world ruled by dinosaurs. Watch out! These prehistoric creatures will have you for dinner any minute! Welcome to our dinosaur toys store where you will find information about prehistoric animals, and dinosaur items. This place is perfect for any dinosaur lover or fan. No matter the age, gender, or ethnic background, we all have the right to learn about history and nature

Dinosaur Toys

Are you hunting for dinosaur toys? You are at the right place. In our store, you’ll find everything you are looking for: t-rex toys, plastic dinosaurs, big dinosaur toys, and anything related to Paleontology and Paleobotany.

Dinosaur Games

Do you want to share your passion for dinosaurs with friends and family? Having fun with your loved ones has never been easier with our dinosaur games for kids. You will have a great time while learning all about huge creepy creatures.

Excavation Kits

Who doesn’t want to become a Palaeontologist? With our Dinosaur excavation kits, you can easily make your dreams come true. You will be able to start running your own dinosaur excavation project from the comfort of your home.


Dinosaur books

We have a large collection of educational books and quizzes for you to learn all about science and dinosaurs. We also have ebooks and books for children exploring the world of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the main character in many films and documentaries. Everyone wants to know about this celebrity dinosaur. He´s held the title of world’s number one predator. The TREX dinosaur is certainly the star on a prehistoric stage.

Spinosaurus toys

Now you can add to your collection of dinosaurs, the Spinosaurus toy.  97 million years ago the Spinosaurus was king of North Africa. You can see this dinosaur in action in Jurassic Park 3 movie, where he challenges and beat a TREX in an epic fight.

Velociraptor toys

Enjoy our cool selection of Velociraptor toys. Raptor dinosaurs love hunting, they are silent but cruel when they catch their prey. Velociraptors crawl when they are near you, spy your moves, solve problems, memorize patterns, and attack in herds.

Triceratops toys

Discover a wide range of cool Triceratops Toys In our dinosaur online store. Who said a herbivorous dinosaur is soft and mushy? The triceratops was a dangerous, three-horned herbivorous dinosaur who would scare away even the most fearful enemy.

Carnivorous Dinosaur Toys

This section is for carnivorous dinosaur toys meat-eaters only, so be aware. Enter it, and you will see realistic reproductions and figures of creatures unknown up until today. You will learn all about the largest carnivorous dinosaurs

Herbivorous dinosaur toys

Herbivorous dinosaurs are the largest in size out of all dinosaurs and most prepared for survival. No matter your age, you must have a foam stegosaurus or brachiosaurus toy on your desktop. They come in different sizes, they are realistic and make noises

Flying Dinosaur Toys

Most people know them as flying dinosaurs, but the actual scientific term for winged prehistoric animals is “pterosaurs”. There are different types of pterosaurs in our store, including the pterodactyl dinosaur toys.

Swimming dinosaurs

Discover our Marine Dinosaur toys section. Planet earth provides animals with three accommodation options: water, air, and earth. Some reptiles moved back into the water in the Mesozoic period. We tend to think of dinosaurs as big creatures that lived in the jungle

Dinosaur T-shirts

In our dinosaur online store, you will find a wide range of cool dinosaur hoodies and dinosaur T-shirts for kids. Boys and girls are more than welcomed to browse our collection. Adults are welcomed too, especially as we have amazing dinosaur t-shirts for women and men.

Dinosaur Backpacks

Explore our school dinosaur backpacks with claws, jaws, horns, and much more. Don’t worry, they are totally safe! But remember, schoolmates might get stung if they get too close to your rucksack horns! Carry all your gear to the beach or to the countryside.


Dinosaur shoes

You can now start walking with dinosaurs, sporting these amazing trainers. Watch out for trails left behind, or risk being caught. Caution! Our dinosaur footwear is colorful and flashing lights on it may attract unexpected attention.

Robot dinosaur

Want to freak out, or even better, let your kids drive you mad? With our dinosaur robots for kids, you’ll accomplish just that. Just to make it very clear, they might move or make noises, but they are not real dinosaurs.

Dinosaur documentaries

Enjoy learning how dinos became the most feared predators, ruling planet earth for 150 million years. In this section, you’ll discover the best dinosaur documentaries dealing with findings by paleontologists and archeologists.

Dinosaur Videos

Do you fancy watching a cool dinosaur movie? We have a variety of dinosaur movies for kids and the whole family. Invite the neighbors over and watch Disney dinosaur movies together, or risk getting complaints about the loud roaring of dinosaurs coming out of your audio surround system.

Merchandising Jurassic World

This section is for the lovers of the Jurassic universe and the latest Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom release. You will find here merchandise items like gifts, masks, games, toys and all the merchandising inspired in the movie.

Merchandising Jurassic Park

Do you actually know someone who hasn’t watched Jurassic Park, the original movie? It is a classic, must-see film. We have recreated the Jurassic Park store in a digital format to make it more accessible to the 21st-century scientists.

Dinosaur Posters

Our cool dinosaur posters and drawings are colorful, and they come in all sizes. What about getting a dinosaur poster gift to your friends and family? Although dinosaurs are extinct, they are not out of fashion at all. With dinosaur wall art, you can bring them back to life.

Playmobil dinos Playsets

Playmobil’s dinosaurs are superb. They are awesome kits and fun to play with. They help with creativity at very young ages, as they require the use of imagination. Our Playmobil play sets encourage learning through games.

Dinosaur Wall stickers

Give a unique feel to your room, bike, or school material with our dinosaur stickers. Only you can determine where they fit in perfectly. Your friends will come to your hut and stare at the dinosaur wall decals. Anywhere you go, you will feel protected by dinosaur vinyl on your bike.

Dinosaurs for children

This section is aimed at toddlers. Welcome to our unique section that features the top dinosaurs for children. Our toys with colors and lights will get your kids’ attention and encourage them to interact with their environment.

Dinosaur fancy Dress

Would you like to dress up as a dinosaur? Get a dinosaur fancy dress and people will freak out when they’ll see you wearing a monster costume. We have fancy dresses for adults to attend that party where everyone is seeking attention.

Dinosaur Pajamas

You definitely have to try one of these dinosaur PJs. Whether you choose reptile shaped or with patterns, be ready to enjoy your own dream with dinosaurs. Our dinosaur pajamas are amazing because you get to wear them every single night and morning, making you a 24hr paleontologist.

Dinosaur Plush

In this section, you will find plenty of dinosaur plush toys for your kids. They will love how soft they are, and you will feel safe knowing they are approved and certified by the European safety standards for children. They are colorful, and we have them in all sizes.

Dinosaur Birthday Party

If it’s party day at your place, you should definitely not stress out, because we have everything you are looking for to organize an unforgettable dinosaur birthday party. You want to have an exquisite dinosaur party, so you’re probably looking for the best dinosaur party ideas.

Prehistoric animals toys

These fluffy guys are humongous. They have jaws similar to the sharpest knife and horns that would go through bone and flesh. These strange physical features can be seen in our prehistoric animal toys. You can even collect them: mammoth, saber tooth tiger, and more.

Dinosaur Coloring

Do you like painting and coloring dinosaurs? We have put together a large collection of dinosaur coloring books for children to get used to working with pens and pencils. We have printable dinosaur sheets in different sizes (A3 and A4) as well.

It’s a proven fact that kids love dinosaurs, and kids also love playing with LEGO. Put them both together, and you’ll get the best toy for your children. With our LEGO dinosaurs, your kids can get the best of both worlds.

Dinosaur vídeo games

Dive into a prehistoric adventure through a dinosaur videogame and have the time of your life. You can play our dinosaur videogames on both PC and consoles. You might struggle to decide whether to go for MMO (like dinostorm) or RPG (like dinorpg).

Discover www.dinosaurs.toys | Specializing in Dinosaur Toys & Gifts for Kids

We strongly encourage you to search for dinosaur stuff in our prehistoric digital jungle. In our online dinosaur store, you will find toys for kids and adults, as well as general information about creepy creatures. If you managed to get to this point on our page, it’s probably because you are a dinosaur freak, just as we are. We love dinos! Designers, writers, and photographers behind this online dinosaurs shop grew up watching Jurassic Park and living in that amazing dino-rich world. The movie had such an impact on our lives that we all have been talking about it since childhood. To be fair, we know the movie script by heart. We have watched it a million times, and we want to share our passion for an intriguing prehistoric era and also for dinosaurs.

Only you choose if you want to become a dinosaur yourself with our costumes and pajamas; or rather keep it simple and check out unique dinosaur items like stickers, books, electronic dinosaurs, programmable robots, movies, Jurassic Park and Jurassic World merchandising, toys, clothing, stuff for kids and adults, ideas for birthday and much more. However, don’t be fooled by these cute creatures. Welcome to the dinosaur toys shop and Be alert, keep your eyes wide open, pay attention to all details and if you happen to come across a velociraptor, run for your life!

 We are dedicated to eCommerce, and we have reconstructed the online version of the souvenir dinosaur store in the Jurassic Park movies. Not only that, but we also sell official merchandising of Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. You will find dinosaur toys for toddlers as well as different ideas for birthday parties and gifts. Surfing this website might not make you meet a real T. rex or Spinosaurus, but you will get the chance to take home videos that bring them back to life on your HD TV. If you happen to own a 3D screen, you will feel like screaming and running as a velociraptor jumps out of the telly trying to catch you!

Schleich, Papo or Science4you? Getting your dinosaur toys has never been easier!!

Whether you are a complete beginner in science or a qualified paleontologist, our site is the best place to be. We are dedicated to making the world of the dinosaur accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. In our online dinosaur toys store you will find movies, documentaries, books, clothing, and much more. Your little one will enjoy becoming a paleontologist with our didactic material including educative games, puzzles, digging, and fossil kits. Grown-ups will also enjoy searching for funny items to bring back their childhood memories and connect with their toddlers. This is not only an ancient dinosaur toys shop, but we have adjusted to the modern world with dinosaur robots and electronic toys for your kids to connect with current times. We carefully select the best items from the best brands such as Schleich, Papo, science4voy, Geoworld and more.

Are you into Dinosaur Clothes? We have the Best of them at our Dinosaur Toys Shop

We have on stock clothing such as shoes, rucksacks, and pajamas for you to dress up like Alan Grant and Lex or Tim Murphy. In our dinosaur toys store, You will become the main character of your own Jurassic Park! Halloween and birthday parties will be awesome if you take the initiative to choose one of our original fancy dresses. Kids really love dressing up as dinosaurs, and it really does improve their social skills. Other kids and people around your toddlers enjoy talking to a little boy dressed as a dinosaur. We hope you enjoy all the items available in our dinosaur shop. Good luck with your search for the perfect dinosaur!

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