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Watch out! You enter into the wilderness, now you are in the lost world, a huge jungle dominated by the most deadly prehistoric saurians, bloody lizards who did not hesitate to feed on you. Welcome to our Jungle and Online Dinosaur Toys Store where you will find items and games of dinos, toys and gifts for the fans of these amazing prehistoric animals, we also have costumes for children, educational books, documentaries and movies.

Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs toys are our passion, here you will find dolls, figures to collect and learn by playing. It may be a start towards Paleontology or Paleobotany, who knows if there is a future Dr. Alan Grant or a little Dr. Ellie Sattler.

Dinosaur Games

Share your passion for dinosaur games with your kids, we have educational Playsets and dig kits for the most intrepid explorers, board games to enjoy and learn in family, you can even rebuild the skeleton of a ferocious and phosphorescent Gigantosaurio.

dinosaur movies

That you find them on the street surely not have much grace, to see them comfortably in the cinema with your popcorn or on your television that is something else, dinosaur movies are fascinating, we have been frightened, we have found in them dear friends And brave allies

Dinosaur books

We have carefully selected for you, several collections of dinosaur educational books, of questions and answers, to delve into science and adventure. You also have ebooks and children’s story books with different types of dinosaurs and other intriguing prehistoric animals.

Tyrannosaurus rex toys

Tyrannosaurus Rex toys | For a long time he was awarded the title of greatest predator in the world, the most mysterious ever discovered. We know that it was gigantic and carnivorous, but except we do not know much more, there is no living or extinct animal that resembles it.

velociraptor toys

Velociraptor toys | They lurk you, calculate your movements, solve problems, remember the bosses and attack you in herd, they can not help it and esque love to hunt humans. Claws and jaws will be the last thing you see if you decide to enter your domains

Spinosaurus toys

Spinosaurus toys | He reigned in North Africa 97 million years ago, became famous for his performance in Jurassic Park 3, where for the first time we saw a defeated T-Rex bite the dust and lose the heavyweight belt against the ferocious Spinosaurus

Triceratops Toys

Triceratops toys | Its name means face with three horns, they moved in herd, this leaf-eating warrior was a resistant herbivorous dinosaur and endowed to block any carnivorous attack, with its long and sharp horns not only could defend itself, it was capable of attacking.

Flying dinosaur toys

Winged dinosaurs toys and prehistoric flying reptiles. At the end of the Jurassic period evolution unleashed its imagination in the air, its peaks were so large that they could swallow an entire child, there has never been anything like it in the animal kingdom except the “Toruk Makto” Leonoptero of the Pandora Planet.

Swimming Dinosaur toys

Marine dinosaurs toys and aquatic reptiles. In the Mesozoic era some reptiles were re-adapted to the aquatic existence, evolved and disputed the seas for more than 100 million years, we have toy Plesiosaurios and educational books of Ichthyosaurs in case you want to learn more.

Carnivorous dinosaur toys

Carnivorous dinosaurs toys and Scavengers. We dedicate this section to the meat eaters, not only the Rex and Raptores, but you will also find realistic reproductions and figures of specimens totally unknown until now, like the Gigantosaurios found recently in the Patagonia Argentina.

Herbivorous dinosaurs toys

Herbivorous dinosaurs toys. Science has classified them as the greatest and prepared for survival. No matter what age you have at your desk can not miss a Stegosaurus or Brachiosaurus rubber or a toy Diplodocus to remember our dear friend Piecito in search of the enchanted valley

Educational dinosaur Games

Playing with monsters and learning at the same time? I’m in! Educational games with dinosaurs that will help you understand how they lived and dominated the land, you can build dinosaurs and dig up fossils. Prepare your wits because they will surprise you.

Dinosaur T-shirts

Discover the original designs of The Mountain in our online store of dinosaur t-shirts do not go without looking at Arlo’s Disney T-shirts and, of course, Jurassic Park and Jurassic World T-shirts

Dinosaur Backpacks

School dinosaur backpacks with 3D spikes for your excursions, Tyrannosaurus hoodies for school, and waterproof bags to carry all your things to the beach or the countryside! Wherever you feel like it.

Dinosaurs Shoes & Footwear

You will feel walking between dinosaurs when you put your sporty Dinosols footwear and fences leaving traces of dino where you pass. You’ve heard well, besides being some awesome dinosaur sneakers, they also light up. They are super comfortable

Robot dinosaur

The electronic toys of our online store are a real pass. Get ready to meet the original interactive dinosaur robots of your favorite dinosaurs, but if you prefer you will also find educational computers and accessories, In our robot dinosaur store you will find programmable dinosaurs and awesome electronic pets

Dinosaur Excavation kits & Experimental Paleontology

Experimental Paleontology

Direct your own excavation with an experimental Paleontology Set and start polishing the Paleontologist you carry inside, dig the fossils of a T-REX and mount your skeleton, complete your learning with a scientific toy, or an educational game

Dinosaur posters

Decorate your room with pictures and dinosaurs posters, there will be time later to change them for football, music bands and celebrities in swimsuit. But now what are the photos with images of your favorite prehistoric lizards

Dinosaur Wall stickers

Would you like to decorate your room with dinosaur vinyl? With these stickers the limit is in your imagination, transparent stickers for crystals so realistic that you will scare everyone! And wall paper backgrounds to decorate the big.

Dinosaur documentaries

They were the most ferocious predators for 150 million years, dominated the planet with claws and jaws. Enjoy and learn from the theories and findings of Archaeologists, Palenteologists and scientists from all over the planet gathered in our section of great dinosaur documentaries.

Dinosaur videos

The videos with dinosaurs are cool, educational and fun, whether in the cinema or at home, we bring you a selection of films, documentaries, educational videos, children and for the whole family, on DVD or Blu-Ray, we even have some WHS prehistoric for the most nostalgic.

merchandising jurassic world

Official Merchandising

For lovers of the Jurassic universe and the fight between the Indominus Rex and the mythical Tyrannosaurus. Gifts, masks, games, toys inspired by Jurassic world, and of course we have the movie in Digital 3D

Jurassic Park merchandising

Official Merchandising

Drive your own Nublar island with our Jurassic Park games, t-shirts, books and authentic merchandising. Dolls and figures of collectible dinosaurs, so you can build your own Jurassic park.

Dinosaurs for children

We dedicate this space to the little ones, we have dinosaurs for children, soft toys, blocks games, mirrors and wall stickers, to decorate baby rooms. All items have approval, and are certified.

Dinosaur costumes

To disguise yourself as a dinosaur you do not have to wait until the carnival arrives, nor to the costumes of Halloween. Choose your dinosaur costume today, get it in a couple of days and put it to school, the park, or an amazing party.

Dinosaur Pajamas

Surely Doctor Grant had one of these, reptile-shaped or printed, for winter or summer. Now you look like a real Palaeontologist. Have you always wanted to sleep in a dinosaur pajamas? Your time has come.

Dinosaur plush & stuffed dinosaur

If you are looking for stuffed dinosaurs to give your little one because you feel like it, in our online store you will find a lot of dinosaur soft toys, Teddies and dolls to each one more beautiful, you will love it. Only brands of certified quality.

Child’s Dinosaur Party & Dinosaur Birthday Parties for Kids

Here you will find everything you need to set up an easy dinosaur party for kids, we have balloons and little faces for the little ones, cake molds, and if you’re up for something cool you can also order a large dinosaur-shaped piñata to finish the celebration by All great

Playmobil dinos Playsets

The Playmobil dinosaurs palysets are one step, their playsets as well as make our imagination fly, are educational and serve to stimulate learning through play. Have fun and learn with infinite complements building your own world of Brachiosaurus and Triceratops!

Dinosaur Coloring

Do you remember how much fun it was to paint? We have put together for you, this collection of dinosaur coloring books. We also have free coloring pictures as well as sheets to print on A3 and A4 paper to play and learn coloring

Prehistoric animals toys

Prehistoric Animals toys | Their jaws were similar to a guillotine, wreaking havoc on the plains for more than 10 million years. A saber tooth could pierce you like the sword of a samurai, we have toy figures to collect you get with a Llenodonte, or a woolly Mammoth and start your collection

Dinosaur Free to Play Games

The Free to Play or F2P Games offer the casual player a developer game and the opportunity to have a quality video game without paying. You can choose an MMO like Dinostorm or an RPG like Dinorpg, we have gathered other free dinosaur titles like Back to Dinosaur Island of Steam.

Console & PC Video-Games

Dive into a prehistoric adventure through a video game, we bring you dinosaur PC games and console, you can find among others: Battle of Giants for Nintendo Wii, or test a more realistic 3D for Nintendo 3Ds. We also have Ige Age the origin of dinosaurs for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Dinosaurs.toys The prehistoric dinosaur toys store.

You are already warned and alert to all dinosaurs toys store that surround you in our web and prehistoric jungle, it is time for you to relax a little and start exploring at our wide our huge and fun online dinosaur shop in search of all Those products that allow you to continue cultivating your passion for these terrible but at the same time, majestic and amazing reptiles. What you’re going to fool yourself for, if you’ve come this far, it’s that you’ve been hallucinating since you were a kid.

Yes. Those who created this online store grew, like you, marked by Jurassic Park and the wonderful world that recreates. In fact, we know the dialogues of each scene from memory. For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of, from an ecommerce, to house all the articles that could have room in one of the souvenir and merchandising stores of the amusement park of Jurassic World. So, even though you will not have the opportunity here to see a Tyrannosaurus rex or a Spinosaurus with your own eyes, you can always take home videos of dinosaurs that make your life come alive on your high definition TV in our dinosaur toys store . In this sense, since you have one of those fantastic 3D screens, do not discard that at some point you feel the urge to run in front of a velociraptor.

Why buy dinosaur toys? Because dinos are cool!

But in addition to movies, in this Dinosaur Toys Store where we pay tribute to the best known prehistoric lizards, you can also find books and gifts. In fact, if you are fortunate enough that your child is on the way to becoming an expert paleontologist because he has developed the same fondness for saurians as you, you can take advantage to buy a stuffed dino, a backpack or even a robot Remote control dinosaur. We also have a multitude of toys and educational games inspired by this theme! Imagine, for example, that you buy a shirt with a matching dino for him and you. Well, with them on, you can spend the hours imagining that you are Alan Grant and Lex or Tim Murphy in our Dinosaur Toys Shop, that is, the protagonists of Jurassic Park! To make matters worse, you can also buy original dinosaur costumes with which you can panic on Halloween or your birthday party. And is that, as you can imagine, nothing better than dressing a child of his favorite dinosaur to make him happy.

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